Apparently, the MJUSD has decided that teachers may no longer have their own personal websites devoted to their students' educational progress.

I have now been told that I can no longer use my own personal websites as a link to their homework, class assignments, etc. My wife, who also uses this site has no problems using it in her district, YCUSD and will continue to use it for her classes. I, however; must now learn to use a new program to develop my classes webpages. The programs is awkward, but eventually will be mastered as spare time is found to work on it.

So, I apologize to those parents and students that expected to be able to come to this page for help and insight for work in my classes. this site had been up for a number of years and had been quite a benefit to many students and parents. I trust that  the new class pages at the District will eventually be used as often. To go to the new pages, click on the link below. They may be under construction for a while.

If you have comments, click on this link to link to a public forum:

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