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article, or call # info in upper LEFT corner.


30% deduction if missing Documentation


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Current Event Projects


            In this class you are required to complete a current events project approximately once every four weeks. This activity is designed to encourage you to read newspapers, watch network and local news reports, and read national news periodicals like Newsweek, Time, and US News and World Reports, or check News Services like “http:\\” on the Internet. This increases critical thinking skills and helps prepare you to become a better citizen by being more aware about what is happening in the world. Students are always encouraged to express their own opinions with support a supporting argument. In fact anytime you can back up your own views with a good, logical argument you will receive an ‘A’ grade.


            Selection of an Article to Use

            Make sure that you choose an important event. Do not choose events that are only local news. Your selection must be on an event that has an impact on a very large population (i.e. Millions of people). Do not choose articles that deal with entertainment, sports, fashion or gossip unless you want a grade of “F” on your project.


            Documentation of Event

            In the upper left corner of your current event project and behind your written work, must be attached one of the following:

        An article or a copy of news article from a periodical (newspaper, magazine, etc.) write the name of periodical and date of its publication.

        A printed copy of text from the WWW that includes the URL, and date.

        A statement that identifies the source that will include:

1.      media source (TV, Radio, etc.)

2.      station call letters and frequency (eg. KFBK 1530 or KCRA channel 3)

3.      Name of News program (eg. The 6 o’clock News)

4.      Date and time of broadcast

5.      Name of the reporter (from their sign off ... all reporters will always give their names when they report so listen closely!)


Presentations of Current Events

            Students will often be required to present their current events to the class. As time permits, it is the student's responsibility to make sure this is completed and that they receive the appropriate points.


These projects need THREE parts or paragraphs.

I.        The first part is a short, one paragraph summary of the current event. Make sure that you read the article or listen carefully to the reporter, then write your summary in your own words. Do Not copy word for word. Copying word for word from the source means an instant “F”. This is called plagiarism and is illegal. Read it and summarize it in your own words. If you do not understand the impact of the event ask someone to read it and discuss the event with him or her. Keep the summary simple and brief as possible, but include all the important information like: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Write it in essay form in a paragraph. (10 points)

II.    The second part of the Current Event project is another paragraph that explains the implications of this event. In other words:

1.      What is happening because of this event?

2.      Who is it going to affect?

3.      How is it going to affect a large population of the world and possibly you?

4.      What is it that makes this event an important event? (10 points)

III.           The third part of the project is your opinion of what was told in the article or new broadcast. Take a stand and say what you really think about the event and its implications. You may say whatever you believe here, but make sure that you support your opinion with a good supporting argument with facts from the current event. Make sure that you spend some time on this section as it a major portion of the assignments grade. (10 points)

IV.         Additional points can be collected in a fourth paragraph that shows an in-depth understanding of the event using additional sources of information to further support the argument given in the opinion.


Possible Extra Credit

            Up to double credit may be awarded if one of the following is attached to the Current Event Project and exhibits considerable thought and effort:

        The article rewritten from another opposing viewpoint.

        A comparison of a written article to radio/television coverage.

        A letter to the editor or an editorial. Must be very good!

        A letter to an elected official about the event. Must be very good!

        A student created political cartoon of the event. Must be very good!


Current Events Due Schedule


CE  #1  Sept.              9/13/2001   

CE  #2  Oct.              10/11/2001   

CE  #3  Nov.             11/15/2001   

CE  #4  Dec.             12/20/2001   

CE  #5  Jan.               1/10/2002    extra credit

CE  #6  Feb.                2/06/2002   

CE  #7  Mar.                3/14/2002

CE  #8  Apr.                4/05/2002   

CE  #9  May.               5/19/2002

CE #10 May.               5/30/2002    extra credit    


Current Event Projects may be turned in up to one month early. No Late Current Events will be accepted as per school policy. Any late Current Events may count as the following month's project. Illegible and/or messy work will not be accepted. All work must be typed or written in ink.