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ESL Resources


English as a Second Language Home Page
The English as a Second Language Home Page links together some of the best ESL learning materials on the World Wide Web. Resources categories include: Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, and other ESL-related information. This site is a good starting point for ESL learners who want to take advantage of what the WWW has to offer.

Linguistic Funland TESL Page (often is off-line)
The Linguistic Funland TESL Page offers visitors a treasure trove of to useful TESL resources. Visitors will find links to student activities, articles and essays, email pen pals, teaching materials and software, cultural sites, and many other TESL materials. This site is a subsection of Linguistic Funland, which is maintained by the University of Nevada, Reno.

English as a Foreign Language Magazine
English as a Foreign Language Magazine is an advertiser-supported online magazine for EFL teachers and learners. This small but growing site hosts articles written by EFL teachers from different countries, product reviews of TEFL materials, a conference calendar, a worldwide directory of English Language Schools, and a nice set of links to other EFL resources on the Internet. Many of the resources at this site are aimed at promoting EFL employment opportunities and visitors can post their own resumes.

Impact! Online
Impact! Online is a regularly updated newsletter for intermediate and advanced learners of English as a second or foreign language. This site hosts a variety of short English news articles in which new words are linked to their definitions and pronunciation.

The Internet TESL Journal
The Internet TESL Journal is a superb resource for teachers of English as a Second Language. Each monthly issue contains original lesson plans, classroom materials, teaching tips, conference listings, and more. This site contains an archive of previous issues as well as an index of links to other ESL articles, lessons, and resources.

The Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TES/FL) Gopher
The Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TES/FL) Gopher provides access to a variety of English as a Second/Foreign language resources, including information concerning grants, pedagogy issues, testing tips, classroom activities and techniques, and ideas for utilizing the Internet for ESL instruction. This site also contains information on how to participate in TESL-L, an electronic mail forum for teachers, which features archived files regarding every aspect of teaching, as well as help in learning more about the Internet. The two most recent weeks of discussion are also included in the archives.

Teaching English as a Second Language: An Electronic Journal (often is off-line)
Teaching English as a Second Language is a biannual professional journal containing a variety of in-depth articles, abstracts, and reviews of ESL-related books and media. Visitors can request to receive email notification of new issues. 

HISPANIC OnLine hosts the online edition of HISPANIC Magazine, a monthly magazine for and about Hispanics, covering news, events, and issues of interest to the Hispanic community. This site also offers a large collection of "Latino Links" -- business, culture, education, entertainment, and other Internet resources created for or about the Latino community.

The Human-Languages Page
The Human-Languages Page is a massive index of dictionaries, language tutorials, sound files, and other information resources on world languages. The index itself is available in ten different languages. This site also hosts the Internet Dictionary Project, which is well worth a look.

National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
The National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education (NCBE) is an exceptionally rich source of bilingual education materials, featuring a comprehensive online library of curriculum materials, educational research, information on community involvement, and much more. This site also hosts the full-text of many NCBE publications, success stories in Bilingual/ESL Education, a bibliographic database, and a directory of other ESL resources on the Internet.

Frizzy University Network
Frizzy University Network, (FUN), is an online learning environment for EFL/ESL students worldwide. Focusing on the development of writing skills, it offers ESL composition courses (FUN101 and 202), online tutoring, grammar workshops, and links to other EFL/ESL resources on the Internet.

LinguaCenter Grammar Safari
This site is designed for bold students of English who would like to broaden their horizons by leaving the safe confines of the grammar book and venturing out into the unruly jungle of real-world English usage. This site contains a series of Grammar Journal Assignments and Activities that involve hunting down grammatical structures on the WWW. Included are some suggested WWW sites at which to begin your search.

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