Grade 7 Social Studies Final Exit Project

              To pass the seventh grade Social Studies with a grade of C or better you must complete an Interest Exit Project with a grade of 75% (150 points) or better. These projects have three parts as outlined below:

Part One: Project (100 points)

            You will need to select one topic of interest to you that has been shown, demonstrated or discussed from the seventh grade textbook, Across the Centuries.

Search the Library and other places for more sources of information about various civilizations. You will eventually need to have found four additional sources of information about that topic plus your textbook for a total of five sources. Make sure that as you use sources, you write down:

the author(s) names

the Titles

the Publishers

the Places and Dates of Publication

the pages you used for your information

You will be using that information from your notes to write your Bibliography (See Citations in your Handouts)

            Create a project of your choice. You may develop any project of your choice to demonstrate your talent and knowledge. Projects are only limited by your imagination. Final project products must be brought to school for class presentation beginning Tuesday, May 14, 2002. 


            Projects may be, but are not limited to the following:

Collection                                Sculpture                   Pop-Up Book  

Illustration                                Model                         Demonstration

Painting                                   Diorama                    Other of your choice

Part Two: Paper (50 points)

            In addition to the above project, students need to turn in:

        A minimum one page Final Draft Paper that explains each of the following questions in at least one or more paragraphs:

1.     What did you learn about the topic by doing the project?

2.     What the project was?

3.     Why that project was selected?

4.     How the project was done?

5.     Where did you find the information you found?

6.     What problems developed as a result of the project?

7.     How were those problems overcome?

8.     What did you learn about yourself, your friends, or your family?


        Timesheet log of time spent on project:

            (An example below)

SAMPLE Project Time Log


            date                description                                        time            spent


            4/14/02          library            research                                            40 min.

            4/23/02            painted parts                                                2 hr.            30 min.

            4/25/02            assembled parts                               1 hr            20 min.

            4/30/02          wrote bibliography                                       30 min.

            5/02/02          made index cards for pres.                                  20 min.

            5/06/02            finished assembly                                        1 hr            30 min.

            5/10/02            rewrote paper                                               1 hr            10 min.

            5/14/02            practiced presentation                           30 min.

                                    Total Time Spent                           8 hr.            30 min.

Make sure that you keep track of all your time spent and don't forget to add your time up.


        Timesheet log of time spent on project:

        Proper BIBLIOGRAPHY of your minimum five sources (including the textbook) listed in proper citations in the proper alphabetical order.


          Your paper and Bibliography need to be turned in before your project is presented to the class. If a paper is not turned in there will be no points given for project or presentation.


Part Three: Presentation (50 points)

            Starting Tuesday May 14, 2002 students will be able to begin to present their projects to the class. Presenters may show or demonstrate their project to the class. Students will explain their project to the class by explaining their answers to the questions presented in the project paper. Presentations must be well prepared and done with a maximum of five 3x5 index cards for notes and reference. Do not read your presentation to class. Know and practice before you present. After their presentation, students will be given a chance to answer class questions.

            Presentations should be at least four minutes long, but no longer than ten minutes. Any make-up presentations MUST be completed before May 31st. Students that do not present their project in the allotted time will receive the grade of ‘zero’ on this part of the project and might not pass this class.


Projects that are not collected by end of day May 31st, will be tossed out and points will be deducted from score.


Final Exit Project Evaluation Grading Sheet
Project 100
Paper 50
Presentation 50
Total Pts. 200 X ______ %
Project Creativity 25
  Authenticity 25
  Perceived Effort 25
  Appropriateness 25
Paper Introduction 2
1 What was learned 2
2 What was project 2
3 Why selected 2
4 How done 2
5 What Info sources 2
6 What problems 2
7 How overcome 2
8 Learnings about self 2
  Conclusion 2
  Timesheet 10
  Bibliography 20
Presentation Total Obs. Pts div. 2 45
  Additional PTs 5
  200+ A+
  180+ A-
  160+ B-
  130+ C-
  129- D