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State Standards for 6th Grade



The Cave of Lascaux Visit This Ancient Prehistoric Cave

The Dawn of Civilization


Mesopotamia Egypt  and Kush


The Ancient Egyptian Lite  History and Life of Ancient Egypt in Newspaper Format

The Ancient World Web  History, Archaeology, and the Ancient World

Egyptology Online


Ancient Israel





Roman Life

Cool Archeology Culture, Anthropology, and Ancient History

VietNam War Era Pages  Vietnam War, Music, Civil Rights.

American Memory  Library of Congress American Memory Page

African-American History Challenge  Test your Knowledge

Gateway to World History  Very Good History Index

World War I  Politics, Biographies and War

History Channel Online  Where the Past Comes Alive

World History Compass  Great History Link

Cold War  International History Project

American Civil War  Resources Page

WWWorld of Archaeology  Archaeology on the Internet

Grolier WW II Information  Text Info and Pictures

Hyperhistory Online  Synchronoptic History of the World

Bigraphical Dictionary  Search 27,000 Names from History

Distinguished Women of Past and Present  Search Biographies of Famous Women in History

The American Presidency  Very Complete Info on America's Leaders

K-12 History/Social Studies  Great Links to History and Social Studies Resources

History of Western Civilization  Lots o' Links

A & E Biography Web site  Biographies of the Famous

The Forum Romanum  Roman History and Daily Living

Europe/Russia/Eastern Europe  Good List of Resources

Stamp on Black American History  Good Site with Bios on Many Black Americans Found on Postage Stamps



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